Best Drone Camera 2018

Best Drone Camera

Best Drone Camera: Top 10 Trending Drone Camera Reviewed 2018 – 2019

Best Drone Camera 2018

Best Drone Camera

Best Drone cameras are cool and no one doubt about this. The fascinating possibilities they offer to enlarge the horizons of adventure & beauty is fully overwhelming. Some models are glorified technical toys, but ones we highlight are for use in image and cinematic applications. If you think that you can use the flying camera in the project, there is good news, the technology has come a long path in a short time. There are some models in the market that put old copters to shame in video quality & stabilization Best Drone Camera.

In past some years, the drone is transformed from geeky affair to a cultural phenomenon. They are everywhere now, and they are available in any shape, the size we could ever want. The market is saturated with Best Drone with Camera, even include some great models under $500. To help you navigate about drones we put a definitive list of best drones right now. There are low-cost drones available in the market, but you are looking at spending around $500 to get the strong model which is stable in flight and have an excellent integrated camera.

Drone NameCamera TypeResolutionMegapixels (MP)Price
DJI Mavic ProIntegrated with GimbalUpto 4k12Check Price
DJI Phantom 4Integrated with GimbalUpto 4k12Check Price
GoPro KarmaCompatible with Black 4,5 and Session 5Depends on the Mounted CameraCamera DependantCheck Price
DJI Phantom 3Integrated with GimbalUpto 4K12Check Price
3D Robotics SoloSolo Gimbal with Mountable CameraUpto 4KCamera DependantCheck Price
Yuneec Q500 4Kintegrated with GimbalUpto 4K12.4Check Price
Cheerson Hobby CX 20 ProfessionalChangeable with GoPro or any otherDepends on the Mounted CameraCamera DependantCheck Price
Halo DroneSONY IMX 377Upto 4k12Check Price

The Best Drone Camera in the market have some features in common. Top drone sport excellent camera quality, steady video stabilization & in few cases, foldable form which allows a drone to fit in the palm of our hand and slip into the backpack for transportation. We do not have to be expert to start with the drone. Nowadays, anyone can pick and fly a drone easily, yet be selecting best drone is the still difficult task.

That is why we have recommended following drones after some hours of testing high above heads. The best part about picking now is that affordable and even some cheap now shoot 4K video with steady picture stabilization. It is true; you do not need the high budget to capture breathtaking aerial footage. So now let’s start with best top drones.

1. DJI Mavic Pro – Best Portable Drone & Best Drone Camera

DJI Mavic Pro - Best Portable Drone

DJI Mavic Pro – Best Portable Drone

The first drone on this list is DJI Mavic Pro. In case you do not know, Casey Neistat endorsed this drone many times. He said that this is the best drone he used, and that is something. This Chinese company is popular for affordable flying drones, Mavic Pro offer such benefits. We get good flight time, very long range remote control, also live video feed of drone’s viewpoint to our smartphone & 4K video recording, in an easily portable package.

Without any doubt, the most standout feature of Mavic is portability. Instead of space-hogging fixed arm hull, Mavic features set of folding arms & props that, thanks to the clever configuration, allow the quadcopter drone to fold into the neat little package that is the size of a brick but not as heavy. This, with the super compact controller, makes Mavic the most portable drones we have ever encountered. We flew Mavic Pro with new propellers from Mavic Pro Platinum. We were trying to figure in the semi-scientific manner how improvement the props are.

DJI Mavic Pro is compact. It may sound crazy but the drone can be folded size of the small water bottle. So we can take it anywhere we want. Mavic Pro comes with the special OcuSync transmission system. This transmission system gives drone transmission range of up to 4.3 miles(7km). The controller can fly the drone at the impressive speed of 40mph(64km/h). DJI also released the updated model of Mavic Pro, called Mavic Pro Platinum. It has 60% quieter rotors & 30 minutes flight time.

Flight & range specs are pretty impressive. From the moment we receive our Mavic Pro, the box alone will wondering us that where the drone is hiding. Unlike other high-end quadcopters on market, Mavic Pro is small and Able to slip into the purse, on the backpack or into water bottle holder, this drone is the most portable flying drones we have ever seen. Thanks to advanced sensors and technology, we can control DJI Mavic with our phone with WiFi. This feature comes handy especially when we feel lazy indoor & want to play with the drone.

Build quality is the best in charts. Mavic Pro is the sturdy beast with toughest hulls we have ever encountered. We crashed sometimes and it did not even faze. just annoying beep, but after reset it will fly like the champ. Finally, you will find the red LED light below the front propellers & single large light at the rear of the fuselage. Rear LED flashes various colors to let us know the status of craft, remember, green is good.


2. DJI Phantom 4 – Legendary Drone & Best Drone Camera

First and the only reason it’s not in Top position list is that of his huge size and bulky design, that makes it lesser portable as compared to other drones. Other than that, this one is the most polished & professional Camera Drone in the market. What sets Phantom 4 apart is the incredibly sharp 4K camera. Being able to see that what we are filming is essential & this is the areas in which DJI Phantom has shine. The live stream can be observed on connected phone or tablet via DJI Pilot app for iOS and Android.

The Phantom 4 do better than my expectation. We tested just as Northeast was lead into spring, so it was flying around many trees. It does not have any trouble stopping before flying into the line of pine trees. When navigating around scant branches stripped clean of leaves, it did not fast recognize them an obstacle. DJI has added even more deluxe, version, called Phantom 4Pro Plus. It is the exact same drone, however with the controller that built touchscreen display. It will cost extra 300 bucks, but would not have to connect the phone to the controller with cable, not even worry about smartphone’s battery, or not for flights interrupted by incoming calls and text messages.

By adding computer vision & fully autonomous capability, Phantom4 raised the bar of what is likely with consumer caliber camera drone, for the complete new person in this field who want to learn flying and for complete professionals who craft complex and dangerous shot. The 1080p camera takes the leap from the maximum of 60 fps to 120 fps. There is change to resolutions & frame rates, with extra 3840×2160 (4K) option beside already existing 4096×2160 (4K) and new 2704×1520 (2.7K) option.

It is impressive that DJI managed to outfit the drone with many new features while maintaining identical form factor. Additional sensors have tucked in drone’s legs, while infrared & optical sensors are fitted in drone’s right and left sides. Even camera is drastically better the one in original P4. New Phantom has glossy plastic frame & thinner aerodynamic body. Colored bands are out from the arms, which end in glossy metal on exposed motors. the belly is grey plastic, that is the nice break from all-white design. From distance, it is impossible to tell difference from old edition, but from top close, it is more aggressive & attractive design. The controller is identical to old editions, except traded out matte plastic for the shiny coat to match drone.

3. GoPro Karma – Smooth and Stable Flight Drone

GoPro is the good company that creates active Best Drone Camera for many years. Their small camera is powerful record videos at 4K. We can take their camera anywhere and climb to anything. GoPro put great efforts in portability. Because it scales the camera at the front rather than lower, Karma drone is slim than many other rivals, with landing gear & rotor arms, its low profile nature means backpack is bigger than the briefcase.

Karma is the great drone. The rubber effect Karma Grip sits comfortably in hand, with simple controls situated for our thumb, while unlocking & transferring gimbal and camera across the drone requires a couple of twists & few seconds. The way we can stash Karma in the regular backpack is commendable. All thanks to the folding design that all arms flipping forward while landing gear close flat against drone’s underside.

GoPro claims that backpack is designed to allow to take Karma with us anywhere, on any kind of activity. Backpack offers nice design although it is not so light, it is not so heavy either. Karma drone weighs the tiny bit over 1kg, The remote is 625g, so it little over 2.5 kgs altogether for we need to get Karma fly in the air. The Karma Drone comes with 4 autonomous modes, including “Dronie” which takes the selfie & zooms to show where we are and “Orbit” if we want the drone to fly around us. “Reveal” & “Cable Cam” are two other modes we can use to send the drone onset flight path.

Karma feature automatic takeoff & landing tap icon on the touch screen for liftoff, touch down and return to the home function that kicks when the battery is low or karma drone moves out of control range. Latter happen often because reliance on WiFi for the control means that flight range is short than some other quadcopters. If battery start to run out, Karma will give 3 warnings. It starts returning to us on second warning, unless we choose to override, while in third warning Karma begins to come down and land. Karma will know if remote has moved from location, But, so if we are filming on moving boat, it will know that not to land on where it took off

Go Pro Karma is simple to control and does not require the smartphone. Apart from the built-in camera, Go Pro Karma supports the number of various Go Pro cameras & Best Drone Camera. These options include Hero 5 Black, Hero 4 and Hero Session. This drone ships with Go Pro Karma grip to have best possible and smoothest video recording.

4. DJI Phantom 3 – Proffesional Best Drone Camera



There’s no denying that DJi Phantom series of drone have become sort of benchmark for top of line consumer drone. Although drones are made with buyers in mind, they are alluring for most professionals in market. The market is booming, with DJI & Parrot posting revenue growth. I recommend drones to person who like flying or interested in aerial video or photography. But trajectory of industry, any gadget lover think about buying, just to familiarize with this rapidly proliferating and incredible technology.

At price, Standard is very tough to beat. we might able to find drone with similar features, but it would not be polished product from unboxing to flight as Phantom 3 Standard. Phantom 3 Professional has bit of flashier design because of golden accents. But, if you wondering about accents ruining simplicity of drone, do not. It’s actually complement drone nicely and a welcomed addition.

The important feature of drone is that we can trust it follow our commands once we put it in air. A computer & a drone can crash. I have been flying P3 for a month and not experienced erratic or buggy behavior. The first thing you will notice about P3 is its rock solid positioning. Major drones use GPS satellite to find & hold their place, however DJI has added ability to work with-GLONASS, Russian counterpart to GPS. That means P3 finds more satellites & finds faster, that translates into terrific performance. We had DJI Phantom3 Professional in hands for some time, we found out really good thing, and some minor issues too.

5. 3D Robotics Solo – Best Value For Money Drone

3D Robotics Solo

3D Robotics Solo


The next on this list is drone named 3D Robotics Solo, this drone is heavily focused on price to performance ratio, that means buyers will get fair worth of every panny they will spend on it. The drone is simple and easy to use when you receive it: connect batteries, set up controller, get started with mobile application on smartphone and all set! Also, controls are intuitive which makes our work a lot easier.

A kit includes Solo drone, gimbal accessory and GoPro action camera. Which makes it involved than other standard drone, which provide comparable specs without requiring addons. But, Solo’s software is developed and is easy to use, and more opportunity for expansion, by both hardware and software. That might tip balance for pros, & those who want to do experiment with autonomous drones.

It’s fun to toggle on & off the “pause” button, great feature which allows us to stop the craft, just right where we are, hover in place, & let us regain our bearings in event that something gone wrong. Response time is quick and hover steady. if we are worried about crashing & ruining our GoPro.then we might not be, If 3DR Solo crashes, and it is fault of drone itself like mechanical failure, not the pilot error, 3DR will replace drone for free, & give us a voucher to get brand new GoPro. Flight data is registered in onboard black box, theresore malfunctions will automatically logged for proof.

The Solo is sleek example of great industrial design. black frame pops against blue & gray sky, and bright light sit under strut to help us get bead on drone if we are flying at twilight to get magic hour look. 4 landing struts, each with gray rubber foot, out from body at slight angles.

6. Yuneec Q500 4K -Smooth and Stable Best Drone Camera

Yuneec Q500 4K

Yuneec Q500 4K

The next we have in list is Yuneeq Q500 4K, also has Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon name. Yuneec’s Typhoon is not average drone. When not in air, the camera and gimbal system can quickly removed & attached to included SteadyGrip, battery powered handheld mount which let us use Typhoon’s camera on ground. Combined with Android or iPhone smartphone, we can completely control the camera & see what we are shooting.

Unlike other expensive rivals, Typhoon Q500 4K has lightweight plastic chassis which keep costs down. It is fantastic value for one who wants top notch flying machine with most futuristic features. Drone comes in stylish carrying case which is oddly large. For people who are not fond of white, should be glad to about this one comes in black, something that Batman would loved.

The Styrofoam is symbolic of design & build quality on whole: it is good package overall, however lacks some polish. Black and gray plastic body look nice, but when you pick it up it feels little flimsy. It is great that camera can removed, but for that we have to keep plug in and out cable and pushing in plastic tab, which i think not last in frequent use. Unlike other expensive drones in market, this controller features built in screen so we don not have to copnnect our smartphone with device; result is more elegant solution, even though one it requires huge amount of time to recharge fully.

I loved how easy it to get familiar with Q500. Fact that we can buy full kit with aluminum case & extra batteries makes it all you really need drone package. It’s versatility made it super fun to fly. The battery life is 20 minutes is slightly low but noticeably better than other competitors, especially thanks to extra battery longer outings with pilot powered fun. I like how ground station start buzzing when running low on juice. Q500 is a great user experience.

7. Cheerson Hobby CX 20 Professional – Good Performance and Less Price Drone

Cheerson Hobby CX 20 Professional

Cheerson Hobby CX 20 Professional

let us introduce you the latest product in this list, that is known as Cheerson Hobby CX 20 Professional. This drone is inclined towards hobbyists. But, we glad to know that notwithstanding drone is not came with camera, there is mount ready for Go Pro. This will equip to start shooting footage at 4K, & taking brilliantly detailed pictures.

Design of Cheerson CX 20 is impressive and if we want to stand out from other, this drone is definitely for us. Drone is compact & lightweight, weighing in 980 grams. Outside of CX 20 is composed. Landing gear on drone offer ample protection during landing and it’s relatively big. The CX 20 is easily portable. The downside is, it does not come with camera. But, we can attach GoPro camera to bottom of quad and record all our flying sessions. CX 20 also comes with Led Lights. lights are helpful in a low light and night flight to guide orientation of drone.

The CX 20 Auto Pathfinder drone is stable flier with smooth backward, forward and sidewards transitions. On flip side, aerial video liker will love flying CX 20. The better you understand CX 20, you will have more blissful flight experience. Cheerson Hobby CX 20 Professional shares close resemblance to DJI Phantom series. Although affordable price tag can lead us to believe that it is toy drone but that is not entirely true. Drone is quite powerful & comes with lot of advanced features like vision positioning system. Unlike AR.Drone 2.0, it has dedicated remote controller which can be used for easy control.

Great thing about CX20 transmitter is that it is simple, big & comfortable to hold in hands, however it also feels durable and tough. The transmitter is not programmable & it doesn’t come with LCD screen or mount option. Everything else is standard. Transmitter comes with power switch, 2 joystick, button for camera and trim control. It’s important to noted that all features are controlled by combination of SWA & SWB switch on transmitter, with throttle balancing. Features include Return to Home, Altitude Hold, GPS Hold and Orientation Control. In my view Cx 20 Quadcopter is absolute joy to fly multi rotor with nice features which makes great value for money.

8. Halo Drone – Best Professional Drone & Best Drone Camera

One of the best drones in this list, Halo Drone Pro manage to mix all features in drone market in single, portable design, very stylish, Halo Drone is least armed with the 4K camera for taking stills & video. The remote control has nice, classic airplane look & feel with accuracy, responsive metal analog stick and host of the mysterious button. The huge backpack lies the host of compact devices which go with the drone.

Drone ships with remote control with clip hold our smartphone. It works with Halo Drone app, free download for iOS and Android. Remote and our smartphone communicate by WiFi, and app show important information, including the live view from drone’s camera & world map. The video feed is low resolution, not like 720p feeds, but it gives us the general idea of what we are recording. You get real-time data when flying, but the app does not record and save it as flight log.

There is room for improvement, however, at price point, we are not sure we can find the more loaded package with amazing follow modes, secondary wrist remote, and interchangeable camera gimbal. Included camera is enough in own way unless we have a specific need for the shot. There are 2 distinct sides to playing with Halo Drone Pro. Flying is obviously the main element in the enjoyment of drone. The other side is the things we required to do before we can get the drone in the air.

Automated is plus point for folks who want the Best Drone Camera to follow them & film doing things, assuming activities taking place in the clear open area. Halo Drone Pro comes in packaged in the awesome backpack. so we can comfortably, safely, transport our gear. The app is far from instinctive, especially when having syncing issues. It is easy to argue, but, since it’s “Pro” drone, the interface is more dense & complicated. Halo can do with UI expert to streamline syncing & calibration process, among other advanced control settings.

We also do not get 24 fps capture resolution. We can shoot faster frame rate at the lower resolution, plus for slow motion, but settings can not be changed on the fly. To adjust camera setting we need to make changes to the camera itself. It’s a tricky process. We need to remove the camera from gimbal, remember which button to hold on the side to enable rear LCD & navigate via menus using control button. Once we have got it set, remember to switch the camera back to transmission mode and ensure that video is properly working. Best top 10 trending products gadgets reviewed 2018 on You can buy top 10 category products like Computer Technology, Mobile Accessories, Health Beauty, Sports Equipment, Gift Accessories and Automobile from best online shopping websites. Top 10 trending related technology products reviews online.

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