Best Web Hosting - Top 10 Web Domain Server Hosting Services Companies 2018

Best Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting 2019: Top 10 Web Domain Server Hosting Services Companies, Free Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting - Top 10 Web Domain Server Hosting Services Companies 2018 - 2019

Best Web Hosting – Top 10 Web Domain Server Hosting Services Companies 2018 – 2019

Best Web Hosting 2019: Top 10 web domain server hosting services companies reviews. 10Trending has listed top best website hosting services provider company with full details reviewed or price comparison. Visit us for Top 10 the best web hosting reviewed & rated, as well as the top scores from the hosting users & links for you to do your own high research such as VPS hosting, dedicated server, top web hosting, domain hosting sites. The best information Take benefits of our expert website hosting reviews to compare the leading domain server hosting platforms available. Check top listed out each provider’s special new coupons, offers & get your sites ready for running, Now.

Tips for Choosing the Best Web Hosting Company


  • Explore Security Features
  • Reliability and Speed
  • Decent Bandwidth
  • Keep compatibility
  • Specific Needs
  • Customer Support
  • hosting package Budgets
  • Read Website Reviews
  • Pros and Cons

1. HostGator Cloud: Best Web Host Overall

HostGator Cloud: Best Web Host Overall Online

HostGator Cloud: Best Web Host Overall Online

Uptime:99.99% (1st in uptime)
Load time:565 ms (5th in speed)
Support:Live Chat (avg. Response 3 min)
Price:$2.99/mo (monthly plan)

HostGator hosts more than 8 million domains and it is one of the popular best web hosts in this hosting industry. With one click WordPress installation, 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime guarantee, it is a smart choice for the website owner. Many of competitors offer plans with many features and charge the high price. HostGator is much more affordable in their comparison. Despite this, they provide powerful hosting infrastructure.

HostGator has founded since 2002, founded by Brent Oxley before obtaining a decade later by a company named Endurance International Group who also owns Justhost, Bluehost, Fatcow, iPage, among others. HostGator offers month to month shared Best Web Hosting plan, but pushes hard for sign up for long terms, starting at 6 months. I do not like that during signup HostGator defaults to a 3-year term. It encourages users to skip the month to month service, but pushing users into 3 years from the starting is bit much.

HostGator’s cheapest shared best web hosting plan has the adorable name, the Hatchling. Hatchling plan is perfect for people who are new to web hosting. It is Cheaper than other starter plans from both Squarespace and GoDaddy, HostGator should be appraised by everyone on a budget. In 2012, HostGator opened the office in India to expand business and their international reach. And Since then, HostGator become a true Host In India brand.

The basic VPS plan is Snappy 2000, offers 2 GB of RAM, 120 GB of disk space, and 1.5 TB of monthly data transfers. The mid-tier Snappy 4000 package boasts 4 GB of RAM, 165 GB of storage, and 2 TB of monthly data transfers. The advanced plan is Snappy 8000, offers 8 GB of RAM, 240 GB of disk space, and 3 TB of monthly data. The plans are more flexible than other hosting Solutions. HostGator’s Business plan has excellent features to offer. With dedicated IP address and private SSL certificate, we will ready to accepting payments on an e-commerce store immediately.

  • money back guarantee: HostGator offers 45days money back guarantee. Normally, hosting companies don’t offer the money back guarantee exceeding 30days.
  • Reliable hosting: HostGator guarantees the uptime of 99.99 %. If we experience downtime below that, then we will get one month credit on our account.
  • Free migration: HostGator offers migration service for free with all accounts. Their team will transfer our website from our previous host at no extra cost during the 30days of signing up.
  • Flexible billing periods: we can choose between yearly and monthly billing periods. Longer periods will get us the most discount.


  • hostile upselling: We need to review additional services preselected during the signup. If unsure, then uncheck them. We can add them later when needed.
  • No free domain: Unlike other hosting companies, HostGator doesn’t offer free domain registration.


2. Bluehost Web Hosting: Best Web Host for Bloggers

Bluehost: Best Web Host for Bloggers

Bluehost: Best Web Host for Bloggers

Uptime:99.98% (1st in uptime)
Load time: 521ms (5th in speed)
Support:Live Chat (avg. response time 9min)
Price:$2.95/mo (3 yr plan)


Bluehost company is the old web hosting company founded in 1996, And now it becomes the big brand name in hosting the world. If we talk about WordPress web hosting, Bluehost company is official WordPress recommended web hosting providers. With Bluehost, we do not have to worry about our website being slow in lot traffic. They provide their user 24/7 expert support and always there to help us when we need it by email, phone, or live chat. They provide WPBeginner users 63% discount, Free SSL, Free Domain, and free Site Builder with many templates.

This hosting company founded by Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton in Provo. They have 750 employees, working around the clock. Being the number 1 recommended host by WordPress, they feature 1 Click installations in all plans. From thousands of Best Web Hosting providers, only 3 have won the coveted recommendation of the WordPress. One of those is The Bluehost. slow page speeds do not only hurt user experience but also affect profit margins. Luckily with Bluehost, we do not have to worry about this.

Now, Bluehost host over 2 million websites and blogs. As one of the popular Best Web Hosting companies, their team has grown deep to support the demand for services. This allowed them to offer 24/7 support for both customers and shoppers. Bluehost is not known for e-Commerce, and some other sites make it faster and easier to set up a shop. However Bluehost is an economical choice, and we will get access to many great features to help us sell online.

BlueHost’s best web hosting plans are competitively priced. The plans vary based on the number of add-on domains that we can host. BlueHost has three main shared hosting plans. Their Basic plan is the most popular one. It gives the option to host only 1 unique domain and 50 GB of storage space. Like any other hosting company, Bluehost aim for server uptimes and high network. Yet, unlike others, they do not make an uptime guarantee for hosting. This could be explicated as evidence that company fails to deliver continually good uptime to customers.

Security is the area where Bluehost shine. We get 3 layers of anti-spam protection in form of Spam Hammer, Apache Spam Assassin, and Spam Experts. We get protection for our inbox as well; it’s easy to set up filters. Our directories are all password protected. Bluehost offers the variety of Best Web Hosting plans for all sizes and budgets. This includes VPS, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting and more.

  • Pricing: Their plans are good within the reach of users, mainly for those who are starting out.
  • Free domain: We get the free domain name for one year when we signup.
  • No hidden charges: No hidden or extra fees when signup for the account.
  • No hidden charges: No hidden or extra fees when signup for the account.


  • Upselling Add-ons: Aggressive upsell process during sign up. But we can uncheck the add-ons if we don’t need them.
  • High domain renewal cost: their free domain renewal cost is higher than average.


3. Go Daddy: Most Known Web Hosting Provider

Go Daddy : Most Known Web Hosting Provider

Go Daddy: Most Known Web Hosting Provider

Uptime: 99.9%
Load time: 517ms
Support: Live Chat
Cost: $8.99/month


GoDaddy is one of the most familiar internet companies. Main business is the domain name and Best Web Hosting but we can also build our website directly with them. There are 4 plans available, All come along with 24/7 customer support & website hosting. But, a domain name is not included in the price. Also, if we open an online shop, we can do this with “Online Store” plan. They are dependable and stable and a company that is around. In addition to domain registration & web hosting products, they also offer services to help us with online marketing, security, and protection. Products are well documented, and boast 24/7 customer service, in case we run into issues.

World’s largest domain registrar Godaddy offer 53 different languages. We Hoping that GoDaddy would provide a blogging tool for users. But They have not. While we add the Blog section to our site, it displays posts from existing blog in one of three layouts. It is nice that we can integrate our WordPress or Tumblr blog into our GoDaddy site, but that is no replacement for real blogging solution. Highlights of their old website builder were its versatile and powerful image editor. It gave us plenty of Photoshop like options for fine-tuning our photos. Sadly, this feature is removed. Now, all we can do with our images is set the focus point and zoom in/out. When we add a Social section to our site, we get set of icons links displayed horizontally across our page. There is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Youtube. We can not customize the layout of icons, nor can we remove them. Furthermore, old builder let us display our Facebook/Twitter feeds on our site. We can not do this anymore.

GoDaddy contact form is the decent tool. It is another tool that is not as robust as it was in old editor. They used to give us five different pre-arranged forms to choose from: Contact Form, Appointment Form, Quote, Registration Form and Mailing List. Now, we get five diff layout options, but form fields are same in each, we have to add more and/or alter the get the kind of form we need. They also eliminated the ability to submit the file for upload. GoDaddy e-Commerce is only available to Online Store subscribers. We get a nice amount of features for our online store we can set size and color options on our products, get an inventory and shipping options with USPS and UPS integrations, and send promotional emails to our contacts promoting our store. But, we cannot sell digital products which makes GoDaddy online store less value proposition for graphic artists and musicians.

  • Smartphone optimized layouts – Layouts are responsive and can be modified from mobiles to tablets.
  • Easy to useEditor is well structured. Adding and Removing the elements is easy.


  • No real BlogEven though we can display an article, we have host it somewhere else.
  • E-commerce is expensive – Highest plan includes an online store.
  • Editor layouts are limited – We can arrange elements as we want but do not get the huge choice of layouts


4. Dreamhost : Most Reliable Web Hosting

Dreamhost : Most Reliable Web Hosting

Dreamhost : Most Reliable Web Hosting

Uptime: 99.97%
Load time: 517ms
Support: Live Chat ( Avg. 5 min)
Cost: $7.95/month


DreamHost hosting sites are since 1997, Now working over 1.5 million domains. It is a private sector company focused on customer support and their privacy. The status of the company shows dedication to a consumer. Most of the packages are marketed to startups and individuals. It provides room to grow, with VPS hosting and dedicated servers, and also supports e-commerce and reselling. But, it is reseller model is not traditional reseller account, that we will look at hosting overview below. DreamHost is the dinosaur of best web hosting.

They go so far to offer crazy things like promise 100% uptime and 97-day money back guarantee. The feature set with every plan is impressive. Every feature shows DreamHost is seeking business. In that way, the customers always win. Dreamhost says that it is faster than regular shared best web hosting, and scales to cope with the point in traffic. They promise good customer support and great uptime. Even throw few freebies to make our experience better. Dreamhost does not sell reseller package, but we can allocate chunks of our account to other users. This may not suit if you planning run full reseller hosting business. Two Model commerce and reselling. But, it is reseller model is not traditional reseller account, that we will look at hosting overview below. DreamHost is the dinosaur of best web hosting.

DreamHost offers 3 cloud hosting tiers, 512 MB RAM Server, 2 GB RAM Server, and 8 GB RAM Server that come in Windows and Linux varieties. It is fair to say that, DreamHost stands on their uptime. They are so confident, that they will provide the extra day of service, every hour of downtime our site experiences with them. Fastest loading times and best uptime and means nothing without good support to back it up. Dreamhost uses data-centers on the west and east coasts of the Customers cannot choose which data-center their files stored at, and we can not select our preferred location to check out. If we want to change, we need to raise support.

  • Amazing Up Times If we are DreamHost’s customer our blog or website will always be up & running.
  • Money back guarantees DreamHost are so confident about their ability to keep our site up and running, even they offer the free day for every hour if our site faces downtime.
  • ReliabilityThey offer the 97-day money back guarantee on Shared Hosting plan if you don’t find it reliable.
  • Streamlined Control PanelDreamhost use custom control panel instead of cPanel


  • expensive DreamHost is one of the expensive hosting companies that we can find in the market

  • Not enough for sophisticated users DreamHost does not accept software installation via FTP.

5. A2 Hosting: Fastest Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting: Fastest Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting: Fastest Shared Hosting

Load time: 473ms
Support: Live Chat (avg. 8min)
Cost: $3.92/mo


A2 boasts its shared hosting plans fast than competitors. A2 boasts 24/7 customer support for subscribers, ultra-reliable servers, unlimited resource and free website migration. Over the last 12 month period, A2 web Hosting came with the uptime of 99.92%. better than the industry standard of 99.79%. Some hosts provide similar tools for use. But unless we know what we are doing, they are useless. A2 web hosting goes beyond and provide preventative service for us, provide ‘peace of mind’ kind of thing so we can just worry about the site.

Moving the site by yourself can be inconvenient or time-consuming menial task. Some other web host, charge huge bucks for this privilege. Please note, setup fees, domain registrations, SSL certificate and other migration fees are non-refundable. Cloud-flare will route traffic to our site to take the path of least resistance. Since 2007, the company has partnered with for climate change battle. All their servers are “carbon neutral” since they use carbon offsets.

This project is responsible to restore forests, the increased energy efficiency of building or transportation, or upgraded power plant. In addition fight climate change, the company also allow employees to telecommute to prevent CO2 emissions. The company is one of the first providers that offers Solid State Disk Drives. These drives use less energy than HDDs.

If we are looking to start with cheap web hosting plan, we will choose the operating system of our server environment: Windows or Linux. anyways of which option we choose, we will have 3 different plans, each offer different allocation of resources and feature set. But, come standard with some premium offerings, like SSD storage, and an uptime guarantee Please not, Windows hosting plans are more expensive than Linux web hosting plans.

They offer full spectrum of hosting solutions from shared Linux hosting to cloud and dedicated server for large and growing websites. Shared hosting start with Lite plan, doubling on renewal. This limits us to 5 databases, 25 email addresses, allows hosting 1 website only. On the pther hand, there is unlimited data transfer storage space and, cPanel access and Softaculous based one click install of WordPress and other apps. A2 Hosting has won many top hosting awards and ranks high on best hosting lists.

  • Availability of Window and Linux – Availability of Window plan as well as Linux plan.
  • Plans and Pricing – they provide 3 different kind of plans for window and linux, all with unlimited transfer and storege.
  •  CloudFlare – For lower level plans which not served by turbo server, they have access cloudfare basic.


  • Turbo server not available – Turbo server is available in more expensive plans only.

6. InMotion: Best hosting for Small Business

InMotion: Best hosting for Small Business

InMotion: Best hosting for Small Business

Uptime: 99.97%
Load time 701ms
Support: Live Chat (avg. 7min)
Cost: $2.95/mo

InMotion Hosting is one of the largest hosting company. which been around since 2001 and develop brand. InMotion hosting performs good on the three areas of speed, suppoert and uptime. also provide some additional features that make our experience more enjoyable. They are old, but have invested in innovation to be at the top of this field. InMotion Hosting put customer service front & center in marketing. They brag about US based tech support via chat, phone, email or ticket system.

They Recognized as the real deal hosting companies in the world, they are still busy pushing the envelope of service, technology, and customer support. InMotion follow their uptime performance with Page loading times of 701ms or 41% faster than competition’s average time of 1185ms. Since then, they have grown, and host customers over 300,000 domains. We can enjoy unlimited storage in our online locker, and unlimited transfer plan. that sounds like a great deal. We can crank things up higher by jump into the business plan.

Hosting customer service is historically ineffective and unreliable, industry is famous for turning the simple issue into multi week fiasco. The plans are not cheapest, but competitive with other web hosting companies. I do not think we should look for cheapest host in most cases, as quality is sometimes poor. In business plan they offers everything unlimited like unlimited databases, unlimited domains, unlimited disc space, unlimited data as well as bandwidth, all for the low price of around $7 a month. Wich is affordable in comparision with other plans with same quality.

Their basic plan starting at $2.95 a month, and offers best services in industry at this price, that can not be beaten. The best part is that InMotion cares about customers and how they are using shared accounts. InMotion would not let other customer affect our sites if possible. The two best indicators are content & support channel access and an investment in tools. Setting up store is easy and fast, and functionality, is excellent. Only one issue, is that we only have few options for payment collection method.

  • 90 day money back guarantee They Offer 90 Days Money Back guarantee, other company only offer for 30 day.
  • Free website transfer If Our Site already hosted in other place, they trasfer site for no extra cost
  • Free SSL Certificate SSL required for ecommerece site, other hosting company charge for this certificate but InMotion provide this for free.


  • No monthly billing Their starter plans do not have monthly billing option.
  • PhonConse verification For fraud prevention, they ask client to verify purchase from phone. But it’s difficult for non-US customers.


7. SiteGround: Best WordPress Hosting Provider


SiteGround: Best WordPress Host

SiteGround: Best WordPress Host

Load time:585ms
Support:Live Chat (avg. response 2min)


SiteGround has agather 800,000 domain name worldwide, across Europe, United States and Asia. SiteGround Hosting is founded in 2004. based in Bulgaria, however serve hosting globally. SiteGround positions as a company offering high quality, well-crafted hosting solutions. Their website promote different types of hosting; and it offers VPS, cloud and dedicated plans addition to shared hosting. Give benefit from the free SSL certificates, CloudFlare CDN plan, and free backups of website data on server. Unlike other hosts, it made sure that shared plan is packed with many features.

Siteground is most recommended WordPress hosting company. They known for fast reliable hosting plans and top level customer support. WordPress optimize hosting include everything we need to create and grow successful blog. Instead of ready made software solutions, SiteGround use in house solutions for high quality hosting experience.They are the fastest growing independent hosting company.

SiteGround respond to queries in languages like English and Spanish, website is localized for 9 territories. they offer phone support, live chat and ticketing, with response within 10 minutes. Customer service is the area where SiteGround pay special attention. They are processing over 2,000+ chat requests, 1,500+ tickets and 800+ phone calls every day. Over 230 employee are engaged with customer support to take good care of customer and provide support in three languages. English, Italian and Spanish.

For quick server performance, they have 5 major data centers, Chicago, Amsterdam, London, Singapore and Milan. This actualy matters because physical distance that our website files have to travel. And many web hosting brand automatically assign customers to one data center. If we have urgent problem, there is live chat feature, and we can call them to speak. All kind of support are available 24/7, unlike other web hosts that make us wait until the are opens.

All plans come with ‘Encrypt SSL’ for security, and we can add HackAlert Monitoring for $1 per month. Lastly, SiteGround does great job with resources allocation. By definition, shared hosting server share resources among many customers. So it is critical to get allocation right. Some hosting companies set low memory limits on websites to keep good performance. But, SiteGround allow allocations with modern software.

  • Many Features Excellent hosting features including Git Integration, one-click installer, WP-CLI, WordPress Staging and many more.
  • Secure hosting Secure hosting technology with SSDs Memory and Content Delivery Network.
  • Great uptime 99% uptime with fast data recovery which give customer satisfaction.
  • Distributed server server located in europe, USA and asia wich contribute great loading speed.




  • Basic UX of panel UX of the cPanel is basic, redesign required for visual appeal and better navigation.

  • Limitade Storage They provide limited storage compared to other who provide more storage in same price.

  • Not for multiple site – they are not suitable for multiple sites because their affordable plan allow only one domain.

8. Veeble: Best Hosting provider with price guarantee

Veeble: Best Hosting provider with price guarantee

Veeble: Best Hosting provider with price guarantee

Load time: 785ms
Uptime: 99.9%
Cost: $0.95/mo
Support: Live Chat

Veeble is hosting company which offers different options to customers. veeble is from India, however they have clients from 130 country. They are in industry since 2009, that make them well established hosting company. we can have our site hosted in datacenters in either the Germany, UK, Netherland or US.

Veeble offers 99.9% uptime guarantee. it seems that only few people have issues related to veeble’s servers. Their 24/7 support is great and monitor their systems to help ensure we don not have issues while running our website. In addition to nice customizable hosting, they offer domain name registration, a SSL certificates and many other related services. Which help to ensure that we can get all our hosting related services at one location.

The price with this company is quite competitive. Rather than set hosting plans, every type of hosting have slide bars for bandwidth, CPU, disk space, RAM and other options. As we increase the features we use, prices will go up accordingly that. This is great way to let customer customize the services they need. But, for dedicated servers they have set plans that we can choose from.

Overall this is a good company for hosting. The company had steady growth due to good marketing and referrals, which bring loyal customers. Veeble is supermarket of web hosting services. They offer many services. Obviously, hosting provider should satisfy all customers. That is why Veeble offers cloud, VPS, shared and dedicated hosting. They also give access to control panel for complete power over site. When we buy other hosting, we have to log into our control panel and choose one click application installer.

Veeble offer price guarantee. the price for the service cost to us remains same as long as we use it. What if we do not their service after purchase? Can we get our money back? In case you are thinking like that, you can request for refund if you do not cross money back policy period which is 14 days. Even if you are not a customer, still you can use live chat feature.


  • Hosting Options we have lot of hosting options from cloud, shared, vps to dadicated

  • Customize plan we can customize our hosting plan as per our need.


  • Limitade hour their sales team is only available at office time.

  • Limited bandwidth They provide limited bandwidth for shared hosting plans.

9. GreenGeeks: Best Eco-Friendly Web Hosting

GreenGeeks: Best Eco-Friendly Web Hosting

GreenGeeks: Best Eco-Friendly Web Hosting

Load time: 1032ms
Uptime: 99.95%
Cost: $3.95/mo( advance pay) or $9.95/mo (monthly bill pay)
Support: Live Chat (avg. response 2min)

Greengeeks Founded by Trey Gardner in 2008, now they have hosting over 300,000 websites. GreenGeeks is web hosting provider, and their goal is to be environmentally friendly as possible. Greengeeks offer different type of shared hosting plans for everbody from startup to large companies. Prices are affordable and plans include many useful features.

Selling point is what which sets them apart: advantage of wind energy praise to balance carbon output by servers. For some people, it’s quite important and green hosting provide solution to them. Their core offering is the shared hosting plan for beginners, this can expand into customized hosting perfect for your site. And top of that you will find dedicated server, VPS and dedicated WordPress hosting options.

In Addition to have approachable customer support team that is available 24/7, They also offers extensive knowledgebase where user can find answers to their queries on their own.

Web hosting industry use huge amount of energy and has big environmental impact. GreenGeeks’s aim is to mitigate this with wind energy credits. GreenGeeks purchase 3 times amount of power used by them. They are an EPA Green Power associate.

On being green, this host stands out with their commitment, that makes it cleanest hosting technology in market. cPanel of greengeeks is pretty much standard with basic features among other control panels. So, I prefer other ones. Since many companies can not set up own wind turbines and solar panels, they can buy renewable energy credits, which generated with renewable energy sources for example wind power.

GreenGeeks provides 24/7 support via email support ticket and live chat. Also offer phone support in office time. They have many article categories and subcategories from which we can select, include general hosting, sales questions, reseller hosting, billing questions, VPS hosting, video tutorials and many more. Many customer review GreenGeeks about top notch support they provide. Greengeeks have reputation of quick response to inquiries and provide expert help.

I like the idea of helping planet via innovation, we are given options for web hosting and can also contribute to green innovative. I think it is a nobrainer where we want to spend money. This helps rest of hosting industry, which is more resource intensive than most realize. It is easy to overlook environmental and energy resource it takes to host a websites.


  • Unlimited Web Space we get unlimited web space as well as Unlimited Data Transfer, Unlimited MySQL Databases and Unlimited Email.

  • Eco-friendly They Provide environmental hosting and buy buy renewable energy credit


  • Basic cpanel panel cpanel is standard with basic features.

  • No window hosting They do not provide web hosting for window platform.

10. Web Hosting Hub: Affordable Best Web Hosting

Web Hosting Hub: Affordable Best Web Hosting.

Web Hosting Hub: Affordable Best Web Hosting.

Load time: 817ms
Uptime: 99.92%
Cost: $4.99/mo
Support: Live Chat (avg. response 5min)

Web Hosting Hub Founded in 2010 by the group InMotion Hosting. They have headquartered in Virginia Beach and two U.S. data centers. They aim to provide scalable, affordable and reliable solutions designed for every need, from blogs site to e-commerce storefronts. Many known brands change their pricing and bought up by the large company.

Web Hosting Hub offers reliable and affordable shared hosting for small businesses and bloggers. Their aim is being the one-stop shop which provides everything we need to create the effective web presence. Web Hosting Hub offers 3 Linux based shared hosting plans: Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo. Every plan comes with free website building software & unlimited disk space, email account and monthly data transfers. Plans here billed annually; that Hub lacks monthly subscriptions. it does not have much impact on businesses, the however cash-strapped blogger may not like this inflexibility. And that is exactly the kind of user who uses shared Web hosting.

At the time of purchase, we have three shared hosting plans from which we can choose. They sometimes offer a discount for around 44% off the first year hosting. They also maintain Q&A section on the website where we can post questions. The support team is active in Q&A forums and give quick answers. Web Hosting Hub prides on speed, the fact that their hard drives can be up to 20x faster.

Regardless of your plan, you will get the free domain name, ree SSL certificate, Unlimited solid-state storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited email accounts & inboxes. Web Hosting Hub’s pricing is competitive for unlimited features they are providing. It is better than Bluehost, And they are in line with HostGator for their cheap Spark plans. They make up with 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is not the common industry as other companies provide this for 30 days only. So, Web Hosting Hub’s pricing is the pro column.

Lastly, Web hosting hub’s standard package of features is competitive with other shared hosting providers. Web hosting hub does free domain name for 1 year, which is good. Best Web Hosting Hub has the standard marketing credits for Google, Bing, and Facebook.


  • Affordablethey offer the reasonable price for all features they include in hosting plans.

  • Free Domain Registrationwe can save time and money by getting free domain via Web Hosting Hub.


  • Limited UpgradesThey only offer shared hosting, so best for small businesses and bloggers only.

  • No Monthly BillingWe can only purchase 12 months plan for hosting. There is no month to month option.

Types of Top Best Web Hosting:

As our online business grows, our best web hosting needs to increase and become complex. Inexpensive and free web hosting plans have been fine in the startup phase of our online business, but if our website is starting to feel inactive as it grows and we get more website traffic, we may need to look at wailing up our Web server. Take look at common types of web hosting and decide which would serve the needs of our business; whether we just start an online business or want to take our online venture to the great level. When we check out a website, we are looking at the bunch of code on a computer, via browser, translates into visual.

Hosting, means that website is files are stored on the server that is connected to the internet, so other people can access it, convert, download, and read files via the browser. a server is the same thing as a computer, but more powerful, allowing lots of people to access same data. So where hosting comes in, what is the difference between a server and a host? our host is the company which owns server our content is on. The host offers many services like server management, backups, malware scanning, support and so on.

The easy way to start is to figure out that which type of hosting we need and look at the different companies and what they offer for our hosting needs.

These are the types of web hosting:

1. Shared Web Hosting Service: Most Affordable

In shared web hosting, Other website owners and we share one server. Which includes sharing physical server & software application within the server. Shared hosting is budget service because the cost of operating server shared between us and other website owners. But, there are some drawbacks, such as this type of web hosting is slower. The disadvantage of This hosting is that was at the clemency of the other sites on our server. A popular site may affect the performance of our site. On other hands, if we are the popular site on a server, we get to use the super server for a low price.

Remember, the server is the computer with resources like hard drive space, RAM and CPU speed. In the shared hosting environment, host puts a large number of users on a single server. Each user has the number of sites so, the one single server has around 3,000 sites. This leads websites going down and load slowly for people who do not have anything to do with a site the issue originated. Worse, these issues are unpredictable from the point of view of those 2,999 sites. To be fair, many hosts try and make things better by detecting faulty sites or sites that experience a high level of traffic and either working with the owners or disabling the site temporarily. This rarely works in the long run. It is not the host’s fault, it is a Sisyphean struggle.

So, is shared best web hosting is a good idea? Yes, It can be good for housing development sites, test sites or websites where uptime is not more bother. We could have a personal diary or a website created for our family. It may go down a few times in a month, but that should not be a problem. For some, this is a pretty agreeable setup. resources split among customers keep costs low. It allows users to keep maintenance and up-keep to a minimum. In some cases, that is handled entirely by the hosting service. This is the attractive choice for beginners, who have limited experience with managing a server and not ready to go all in with a powerful option

2. Reseller Web Hosting: White Label Hosting

Reseller web hosting is shared hosting with extra tools to help us resell hosting space. Reseller web hosting is a hosting where the owner of the account has the ability to use their bandwidth and drive space to host websites. The reseller buys web host services in wholesale and then sells them to their customers, for a profit. Some portion of hard drive space & bandwidth is allotted to the reseller account. Reseller rent dedicated hosting server from a web hosting company, or else resell shared web hosting service. In some cases After some time, A reseller gains permission to sell some disk space & bandwidth to their customers without renting a web server from a best web hosting company they signed before.

Marketing and technical deliberation drive the choice of a reseller best web hosting provider. Reseller best web hosting is a type of web hosting that allows us to sublet our space. The host gives us a large block of disk space & bandwidth, and we can seek it up and market it as our wish. Reseller hosting also known by “white label hosting” name, refers to the business of creating our own web hosting operation with tools and services we resell from a larger hosting company. We focus on sales and least basic support and leaving the crush of maintaining servers, and software, and bandwidth to larger companies.

Resellers set pricing structure for offerings, not the web host which provides the software and servers. Resellers can brand packages by using customized control panel. Which establishes the level of trust with the customer who already known with reseller’s brand. Who would not want to set up shop with our company if we have done well with them in the past?, Branding is the most important if we want to get into reseller best web hosting. Reseller is responsible for interacting with customers, but not responsible for software, hardware or connectivity problem. Web host’s data operators are responsible for that troubleshooting. But, resellers can be placed in the difficult position of collaborating with web hosting provider and customers for other technical support, such as payment and billing issues. So, you will need understanding and patience and when dealing with angry customers.

3. Virtual Private Server (VPS): More powerful than Shared hosting

VPS Virtual Private Server and is the most popular service to upgrade and it the most well-balanced one as well. Virtual private server shares 1 physical server but acts like multiple separate servers. VPS is stepping stone between the shared hosting and getting our own dedicated machine. Even each VPS shares hardware resources and they are allocated the dedicate slice of computing resources. Instead of sharing many resources, each site is allocated the certain amount to use. VPS reduce resource drain issues which come with using shared hosting. A VPS server requires us to share space with other people on a same physical server, however, the way is different to traditional shared best web hosting.

VPS server is limited to 10-20. This decreases stress, but the main improvement comes in form of a hypervisor. This offer great freedom, but also greater some risk, as we could un-intentionally remove a critical file if we are not certain of what we are doing with our server. A hypervisor is a software that allows us to create and operate many virtual machines on the single computer. Like having many virtual computers on the same server, with their own HDD space, RAM, and dedicated CPU speed. When search for VPS hosting, we will want to look at some details like CPU power, setup fees, and how much RAM we will be getting, our storage space and bandwidth, and type of control interface we will be using to manage our server.

The benefit of VPS web hosting is it’s easy to scale up. Our site is hosted by the virtual machine, which uses the percentage of the resources. If we need more resources, then it takes only a few minutes, for the providers to modify settings and grant us the resources we need. This is great for a business owner who wants his site thrives without any downtime that could affect potential. High-end VPS can be cheaper than low end dedicated server and more powerful. Do not be the fool and think that dedicated hosting is the advanced option because we are the only one on a server. Instead of that Look at resources available for us, that is what matters. Lastly, VPS hosting is scalable. Since we are running virtual machine that takes some percentage of resources available to the server, amount of resources we are allowed to use an increased in seconds. Which is a comfort to the business owner who expects their sites to flourish and grow?

4. Dedicated Hosting Service: If Your Website or Blog Exceeds 100k Visits Per Month

When we have a dedicated server, we are renting the physical server from a web hosting company. We can have full control of it if we want. This hosting service negates bad neighbor issues because we are alone on the server. This Hosting provides the host of benefits, however, comes with a few downsides. In dedicated hosting, we have the entire web server to ourselves. Which allows fast performance, as we have all the resources entirely, do not have to share with other. However, this means that we will be responsible for the cost of operation entirely. It’s the great choice for sites that require more system resources and need high-security level.

Dedicated Hosting is when we rent out the entire server for yourself and our site. As we can imagine, this provides the highest level of resources to host high traffic sites, however, benefits go further than that.With dedicated server hosting, faulty coding and problematic websites are not anyone’s fault but our own because we are alone on the server. On other hands, a benefit of dedicated hosting is we do not have to worry about other’s sites hogging up our resources, just like VPS plan.

A dedicated server is the highest level of a server we would need if our online business grows in presence that gets website traffic. While the price of a dedicated server is higher than shared web hosting, business will be a point that we can afford the costs of own server. The drawback is that we need to know a bit about computers and server technology. While dedicated hosting solutions, we will need lot more on our own.

Because of high performance and resource allocation, these dedicated servers are known for speed and uptime. It’s an important factor for web pages, but important for business websites, as downtime translates to the loss of revenue and customers. If server technology is not your thing and the flexibility scares then you can choose the managed plan, but you will still have to do few things on own. With good flexibility comes good control. we can run a lot more apps in a more efficient fashion. we can run the bunch of tools which serve one purpose: making our website faster.

Having dedicated best web hosting server means we can use the highest level security features, and tune security settings to our needs. We would not be vulnerable to activities of other websites, they are not occupying our server space. So, if we want to go the dedicated route, the best is to hire server admin to handle the behind the scenes. Even if you are proficient with server technology, hiring someone might still be a good idea because maintaining a server take time which can be used for activities for increasing the success of the site.

5. Managed Hosting Service: Famous Best Web Hosting For WordPress

With increasing popularity of WordPress as web building platform, many web hosting servers are offered what is referred as Managed WordPress Hosting. Managed WordPress hosting does not technically type hosting, it is the combination of hosting type and additional services. So, managed hosting is a service where hosting company manages all techy stuff to keep our site up and running smoothly, This includes handling things like security, speed improvement, scalability, updates and daily backups. While not inexpensive as shared hosting, this is the best option for start-up businesses and established businesses both.

This idea is to make life as easy and simple as possible, allow us to focus on business. Another benefit is that servers are set up to run this CMS, which means really fast, even if our site gets huge amounts of traffic. Backups are daily and CMS updated automatically. So, we will never have to restore our site from the backup that is year old because we forgot to take regular backups. We also would not be giving hackers way to our site but not installing updates.

You might say that would like to go for managed WordPress hosting precisely because you do not want to work behind the scenes, however sometimes when you do not want to make changes. If we are creating a personal blog to share our thoughts and recipes worldwide, then managed WordPress is definitely not for us. We can opt free hosting or for the small shared hosting plan. We do not have to deal with speed problems, security issues, uptime issues, updates, etc. So, if we are looking for hassle-free experience with good support and do not mind limited flexibility or cost, then managed hosting is definitely for us.

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