New iPhone

Apple’s New iPhone: The Best Smartphones And Mobile In Market

New iPhone smartphones are simply gorgeous. It is tall and narrow. It beat the perfect balance, especially since you are getting a great display.

Face ID, facial recognition system replace fingerprint scanning, Touch ID is unique and simple in iPhone X smartphones. We can be a talking cat, robot, unicorn, dog, the piece of poo or any other avatars.

Camera blur the background, we can use the Portrait mode to change the lighting of the scene, or cut your self out of the picture and place your self on a background. The speed of snapping is great and quality of the camera is powerful. Low light performance is a better than other smartphones.

Apple uses 18:9 format. this is something we already have seen other phones, and in the Android world, the applications are encoded to fill the display fine. On the iPhone, that is not the case, many application packing black bars above and below on the display.

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