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Smart Led TV 2018: 32 Inch Led Tv Price | 40 Inch Led Tv | 50,60 Inch Tv. Buy latest top 10 trending led smart TVs of all brands with all Inches size. Find us for details and review Led Smart TV, full HD tv, 24 inches led tv, 65 inches led tv, Samsung, Sony, LG, Micromax, Mi LED Smart TV 4, Xiaomi Mi smart TV.


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Best Smart Tv 2019: Top 10 Trending Smart Tv Reviewed 2018 – 2019 Best Smart Tv 2019: Top 10 Trending Smart Tv Reviewed 2019 Best Smart Tv Online Shopping Top Best LED Smart TV 2019 The establishment of streaming resource such as Amazon Video, Netflix, and Hulu have reshaped the media expenditure landscape. The arrival of “smart TV” is the next sign of entertainment beyond the tablet and smartphone. Whether it is live, on-demand, Web browsing or glance at family photos, smart TV can do all of this. with many features to consider, with TV technologies being introduced, making a decision is harder. A brand new top TV can offer the wide range of technologies and features that it will become hard to know what we are looking for. In 2018 – 2019, best Smart TVs are better and advanced than ever and significantly cheaper than earlier. But when buying a best Smart TV, make sure that you are getting the good return for your money, and there is a lot of consideration. For example, you will have to know where to place the TV in the house, and what kind of smart features we need, and the quality of the screen-pixel resolution. With technology advancement, we handpicked the best Smart TV and Best Deals. Smart TVs are upgraded version of LED TVs which ease us to do more than watching TV serial or movie. It is a digital Tv which provides internet connectivity & storage for different types of entertainment. These Smart TVs are modified version of old TVs that let us wirelessly connect to the Internet so we can view the content from our smartphone on our TV. Choose latest best smart TVs brands online like Samsung smart tv, Xiaomi Mi Smart TV, Videocon, Toshiba, and Micromax Smart TV, Sony, LG, BPL, Panasonic Smart TV, TCL, Videocon, Mi LED Smart TV. Explore for smart tv price, features, screen sizes & more. Samsung LED Smart TV Samsung LED Smart TV The Samsung Q7F LED Smart TV is the amazing Samsung Tv made in 2017, at least in terms of performance for the money. The Q9F screen is a bit brighter however we feel that Q7F is the great blend of performance, power, and price. The central stand feels secure and supports the TV nicely. The flat design of Tv looks better than Samsung’s old models such as KS9000. There is the option for two stand designs, the ‘easel stand’ and the ‘gravity stand’. The TV is thin and looks amazing from the side. The Samsung Q7F LED Smart TV has a nice picture quality. It has excellent contrast ratio and good black constancy making it a great choice for watching videos or movies in the dark room. If it set in bright environment This TV not be the best option because brightness is average and not be able to fight glare. Even the gray constancy is good, the image demean at an angle means this TV would not be the best option for the large group. If talk about HDR, the poor local fading and above average HDR brightness would not make HDR videos and movies stand out as more like other TVs, though it has amazing wide color gamut coverage. Motion handling of Q7F is excellent. Response time is fast, resulting in short trail moving objects. The backlight glimmer at 120Hz, and cannot be adjusted. Movies played from different source appear smooth. Q7F has low input straggle in-game & PC mode that makes it responsive, and support wide range of resolutions & color sub-sampling configurations. So, it can play any content, including HDR. The sound of the Q7F QLED is similar to other TVs with speakers. Their Tizen smart platform has visual overhaul for 2017. Now, It has a white theme and great animations, but the animations are less smooth because of frequent frame drops. This does not affect the usability of interface though, which is fast and lag free. The interface is easy and the simple layout helps us quickly find what we are looking for. Remote Voice control works great. Samsung always makes nicest looking televisions, and Q7 is another stunner. with a thin black frame bordered in silver, with tiny Samsung logo on the bottom. The TV remote can pause and fast forward through commercials, while it relied on a pop-up menu instead of buttons. We can also direct dial channel numbers and access keys. If the pop-ups are tedious, then voice commands like, “ESPNHD”, “Watch channel 570” and “Pause” work too. LG Electronics Smart OLED TV LG Electronics Smart OLED TV OLED is the highest quality display technology in best smart TV world and, LG, that increasing competition, that it still makes the top processors & software that power these versatile screens. At first look, there is no major change between old C7 and new C8 if we are just looking at the outside of the screen, which is nice if you are a fan of the slender screen with silver base stand. The LG C8 OLED Smart TV is not as slim as LG’s Signature Series W8 OLED Tv, however, considering that the W8 Tv comes in double the price of C8, then it’s more than fine. There are some integrations for cable subscribers which allow them to search for their favorite shows, or find locations for them on connected streaming services like Amazon or Netflix. Design of the LG C8 is excellent. The stand is wide but sturdy and well built. The frame is around the screen & stand made of aluminum and it seems well built. The stand is designed to direct sound throughout the entire room, but due to shape, it’s not possible to place soundbar in front of the TV. Excellent picture quality on LG OLED C8 smart tv. The infinite contrast ratio delivers blacks, making an excellent TV for watching series and movies in a dark room. The wide viewing angle and great reflection handling make this Tv an excellent even for large and bright rooms. HDR highlights are bright & stand out. The wide color range makes colors pop in HDR and the precalibrated levels are enough for viewers. The LG C8 handles motion very well. The near response time is great for playing video games or watching sports. One Drawback of OLED is that there is stumble while playing low frame rate, especially when watching TV Shows or movies. LG C8 has an above average sound quality. TV gets loud and has the bass with a nice amount of punch & body. It has a pretty well-balanced midrange, which is key for producing dialogs. For more better sound quality dedicated soundbar is recommended. C8 has a great picture that is rivaled by other OLED TVs. This year the C8 OLED have everything it had in past with 2 noticeable additions. α9 Intelligent Processor that helps about everything in end. Then ThinQ AI options for immersive user experience and must say both additions are welcomed regardless of performance. If we talk about performance on C8, Web OS interface runs nicely in conjunction with Remote. There are many applications to be downloaded & used while the apps support HDR with a variety of titles. Sony Smart 4K TV Sony Smart 4K TV Sony Bravia Smart TV line up for this year. So now we all can have HDR, more impactful development than 4K, lack necessity of shelling an expensive model. Sony done this in last year, they are one and only manufacturer who did that. It is a brilliant move, specially for gamers who have HDR toting PS4. If you are ever used tablet or an Android phone, you will find yourself to be familiar with Sony Tv’s Android platform. It is not the slickest nor the fastest, but it’s feature packed and provide great interaction with mobile, making accessing the content much faster. The interface itself has not changed so much, the performance improved over the year. Area where Android TV excels is related to voice search. Press the button of voice search on remote and speak what you are looking for, and Smart Android TV deliver suggestions from Google Play Movies & TV, Play Store, YouTube, and relevant results from your downloaded apps. It is a way to navigate content quickly, and it is often faster than using the remote. It is also constantly update. In Android 7.0 version, it integrates with Google home & with Google assistant if we are logged in, that means stuff like weather and news is just few seconds away. 3D is gone, Sony said that none of sony’s 2017 models support 3D feature, and in 2019 there is not even a mention of it. It is not a surprise; wearing extra specs in our living room has gone off style. First 4K OLED TV of sony is X900 series this has no speakers but has fancy some technology that shakes the Tv screen to create sound. This was the best TV in 2017, and it is so good that they decided to keep it in 2018 – 2019. OLED TVs are taking up the premium slots, then LCD TVs are slip towards the mid range. That is everyone’s strategy in 2019. However, that does not mean LCD Tvs are getting worse, in fact Sony bring its top technology down the range. LCD Tv model they expects to sell more, because it comes in various sizes, 43 inch, 49 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch and 85 inche. Entire range benefits from 100Hz panel, so we will have good motion irrespective of size. Full HD TVs has 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, which is referred as 1080p. Which is used by broadcast TV, Blu ray movies and streaming internet. But, 1080p is quickly replaced by Ultra HD – 4K TVs, which are less in price and upscale full HD content. MI Smart LED TV mi best smart led tv From past many years Xiaomi has forced every single budget and mid range smartphone in India to up market in quality and features. It is not a secret that it rules in the budget and mid range mobile phone. When a company decides to dive into the TV market, it could have a game changing effect. This is specially more creadible since there is a gap in terms of features and quality between premium TV sold by thers like Sony, LG, and Samsung and cheaper from local company such as Intex, Micromax, and Vu. MI 4 looks gorgeous and has olid build quality that we think it is a modest pricing. One of greatest strengths of this tv is innovative PatchWall AI enabled content suggestion system which provides seamless means to discover and search content. On the other side, biggest weakness is lack of apps for Android TV, or sort of access to Google Play Store ecosystem. Mi TV 4 will blast anything from Sony, LG, Samsung right out of the terms in picture quality. That is because the larger brands aim to sell TV through showrooms, where TVs are calibrated to outshine and stand out in the bright showroom lighting. With their brightness, contrast, and saturation, these TVs exhibit present hideous picture quality in normal home lighting conditions, that warrants a bit of calibration. Xiaomi Mi LED TV is one of the nice looking smart led TV in market. We can say that the Mi has invested in design aesthetics. This smart tv is slim with 4.9mm thickness only. Tv has thick bottom, where they placed internal circuit of device. It comes with 2 metallic L shaped stands and can be mounted on wall, too. The company has kept the design of remote very simple. remote is sleek and come with few necessary buttons. Remote is made of plastic material and supports AAA batteries. Remote is connects to TV via Bluetooth so that we no longer have to point remote in a direction of tv to make it work. Yes, this tv won the “Red Dot Award” back. It is as slim as slimmest smart TVs in the market. This put, Mi TV in premium category for its price. With 3 HDMI & USB ports each, Mi TV provide ample connectivity options. We also get ethernet port, if WiFi was not working for us. Micromax Smart LED TV micromax best smart tv Since the TV evalution, mankind is fascinated by devices. After establishing themselves as one of leading smartphone vendors, Micromax is launching new devices every month in smartphone market, and branched out into the datacard, tablet and TV markets too. Now, Micromax is targeting : 4K TV. This TV has all thing that we want from smart tv, like Internet connectivity, smart function that powered by Android user interface, list of connectivity options & screen with 3840×2160 pixels. Micromax Canvas TV will provide wireless control using mobile phone, make possible to use our phone’s screen as mouse trackpad for TV. Operating system also has access to Google Play, it comes preloaded in TV. Using WiFi connectivity, it is possible to use Internet and applications directly through the TV. This range comes with smart features like Mi Connect, Miracast, and Home share, that claim to enhance TV experience. This television is an Android 4.4 gadget with ability to connect Internet using WiFi or wired Ethernet, this tv is powered by dual core CPU with 1 GB RAM and 2.5 GB of user available storage, it can be expanded upto 32GB. Many useful apps are preloaded in TV, and access to Google Play Store provide facility to download other apps. All this by an RF capable motion sensing remote, we can use our Android smartphone as touchscreen or tilt sensor, too. It is not the smoothest experience, but it is nice that we can use our big screen for tablet like functionality. Image clarity is stunning and no apparent pixelation, there is major refresh rate issue. While the refresh rate is 60Hz, it’s limited to 30Hz for 2160p content. Increasing rate from source caused screen to blank out. 30Hz, image skips frames. It makes video appear smooth, as the TV can’t keep up with signal being fed. Motion judder is not really a problem, however there is lack of detail in picture. The picture should not be considered to bad, and have to be satisfactory for users. This is disappointing. There are volume issues when use TV with USB drive content. Fortunately for Micromax, TV is not bad with standard definition & fairly nice with HD content, so tmajority of what we watch will work nicely. There is no refuse to the value of this Tv set, It is cheap and have 4K compatibility & other smart features to mix. Panasonic smart led tv Panasonic made interesting choices regard to TVs. They sold some of the top best plasma panels from 2014, when other companies moved to LCDs. 4K HDR TV now becoming mainstream, they recently launched their EX600 range in 3 sizes: 43, 49, 55 inches. The latter 2 models come with wireless home speaker, Panasonic SC-UA7. The Panasonic TH 49EX600D Model looks simple from the front, with small frame, and Panasonic logo with power LED centred. The device is thick when compared to other companys’ modern TVs, so we can expect to have space between the display and the wall. We connect our TV with Internet wirelessly using WiFi, however an Ethernet port is also vailable, if that is our preference. On the back side, besides Ethernet port, TV has an antenna input, audio and video inputs, two HDMI 2.0 ports which support Audio Return Channel, and an optical audio output. If we dig little deeper in app store, we will find all major TV apps that we might want. DailyMotion, Spuul, BIGFlix and BoxTV are available. What is missing is Hotstar App, though we would not blame Firefox OS for that, because it is missing from many smart TV platforms. Except that, there is many other apps and services for news, sports, kids, and more. The remote has classic design that comfortable to use. There is a exclusive Netflix button, which is useful if we subscribed to netflix service. Unlike other smart TVs , there is no option for voice input, we have to type things manually. This TV does not support Bluetooth, so there is no way to use wireless keyboard either. The 50 inch model featured 4K Pro status, and HDR10 enabled. It support HLG broadcast when HDR starts and HDR10+ firmware upgrade, and when it become relevant. IR remote is great, with exclusive Netflix button, with Home and TV Guide shortcut. The set offers choice of two Freesat HD tuner or dual Freeview Play. Smart OS is Home Screen V2.0, which is an updated version of open source Firefox TV OS, with an Info bar which pops up when pressed perticular button on the remote.